Description du projet

Project description

Creation for HOP!

Early childhood is such a limitless ground for creation. HOP! dedicates their know-how to the imagination of children by materializing the bridge between digital and traditional art. We were commissioned to transcribe their ideas and their vision of the education of young children through specific graphic processes.


Creation and development of the visual
Creation of graphic charter
Creation of complete communication set
Development of a strong marker
Story-boarding for dedicated events
Creation, 3D modeling and animation of the HOP! Logo
Element modeling
Scenery modeling
Modeling and sculpting of characters
Camera animation
Animation of background and props elements
Creation of VFX
Motion design


Introduction to art Art history research
Learning to look
Artistic development
Cognitive development
Spontaneous practices
Art and dreams
Use of traditional art
Learning digital art
Use of digital tools
Artificial intelligence and art

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